As a primarily volunteer organisation, it is considered particularly appropriate and important to provide opportunities for members to gain recognition for their outstanding contributions to SMAANZ and to the field of sport management.

The SMAANZ Distinguished Service Award is intended to: (a) recognise distinction of contribution within SMAANZ and the field of sport management; and (b) encourage high standards of service to SMAANZ and professional contribution to the organisation.

Conditions of Award

This award recognises the provision of exemplary service to SMAANZ, which may additionally include but are not limited to long term or career contributions in one or more of the following areas:

  • enhancing sport management scholarship;
  • making a substantive contribution to editing a scholarly journal in the field of sport management;
  • Enhancing teaching and learning;
  • Sport industry engagement.

The nominee must be a current member of SMAANZ and have held at some time at least 5 years of continuous membership for qualification. The award will consist of an engraved plaque to be presented at the Conference.

Application Timeline and Submission

  • The nomination should be of no more than 5 pages and be sent directly to the Chair of the Distinguished Service Award Committee.

Nomination Procedure

  1. The Board will appoint two Board members and one senior external (i.e. non-Board) person, with due regard for gender balance, to serve as the Distinguished Service Award Committee, including a Chair.
  2. These members will be ineligible to be nominated whilst they serve on the Committee.
  3. The Committee will receive nominations for the Distinguished Service Award, and to recommend one recipient to the Board in any calendar year.
  4. Candidates for the Distinguished Service Award are to be nominated by a current SMAANZ member.
  5. The nomination should be of no more than 5 pages and be sent directly to the Chair of the Distinguished Service Award Committee.
  6. The nomination must specifically describe the nominee’s accomplishments in relation to the award criteria. It is recommended that up to three letters/testimonials of support be included in the nomination package (these do not count among the five page limit).
  7. The Committee may subsequently request additional information from the nominator.
  8. All nominations will be assessed in confidence.
  9. The Award Committee will recommend a recipient to the SMAANZ Board for final approval. The conferral of the award is dependent on the quality of the applicants in relation to the criteria and thus the Award Committee/Board reserves the right not to confer the award in any given year.
  10. The recipient will be recognized at the SMAANZ Annual Conference by presentation of a Plaque and is expected to attend in person to accept the award. In accepting the award the recipient will be invited to deliver a short (10-15 minute) speech.