To encourage scholarly enquiry in sport management and enhance the application of management theory to the sport industry, the Sport Management Association of Australia and  New Zealand is pleased to announce the SMAANZ Industry Engagement Grant. The grant has evolved from the strategic need to strengthen relationships between the  academic and sport community to collaborate on achieving mutual outcomes. A sport  community may include the government or private sector that incorporates sport into their program to address community, diversity or development initiatives. The purpose of the grant is  to support engagement with the sport industry to advance evidence-based inquiry in teaching  and/or research in sport management. As such, collaborations, projects or research partnerships between academics and industry bodies are encouraged.

Conditions of Award

Eligibility: At least one of the applicants must be a member of SMAANZ for at least two years and located in Australia or New Zealand. The SMAANZ Industry Engagement Grant Committee encourages academics from diverse backgrounds to apply.

Grant: One grant to the total of $5,000 shall be provided annually. The grant recipient shall receive one individual registration to the conference immediately following the completion of the  project where the individual will present the results.

Criteria: Submissions for the project must address seven aspects:

  1. The purpose
  2. Expected timeline to complete the project (must be within one year of receiving grant)
  3. Innovative engagement
  4. Feasibility of the project
  5. Anticipated outcomes
  6. Potential contribution to the academic and sport industry communities
  7. Associated budget

Application Timeline and Nomination Procedure

Self-nominations and nominations by current SMAANZ members will be accepted. Nominations will comprise a three stage process:

  1. A submission detailing the above criteria is to be no longer than 3000 words and submitted to the Chair of the SMAANZ Industry Engagement Grant Committee.
  2. Upon approval from the Executive Board the winner shall be notified of their selection no later than August 31st, 2017. The recipient of the SMAANZ Industry Engagement Grant shall be formally awarded at the Awards ceremony at the annual SMAANZ conference.


Upon accepting the grant a number of deliverables are required. These comprise:

  • The following statement is to be noted in all written documents pertaining to the grant “This project has been supported by the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand Industry Engagement Award”;
  • At least one investigator from the successful project to attend the SMAANZ conference and receive the award;
  • The recipient presents the results of the project at the SMAANZ annual conference immediately following the completion of the project; and
  • The recipient to provide a 500 word summation of the innovative engagement to enable SMAANZ to promote successful recipients and projects.