The purpose of the SMAANZ Student Research Award (SRA) program is to encourage and support the development of the next generation of scholars in the field of sport management. The SMAANZ SRA is open to Australia/New Zealand based students. It provides financial support to attend a SMAANZ conference through an annual competitive award program. The award is aimed at research-based honours, masters and doctoral degree candidates (full-time or part-time) who have completed or are completing the research component of their degree in the field of sport management. The purpose of the award links with three purposes of SMAANZ which are to: (1) encourage scholarly enquiry in sport management; (2) provide a forum to present and communicate results of sport management related research; and, (3) enhance the application of management theory to the sports context.

Conditions of the Award

The SRA has a value of up to AUD$2000 to be applied to SMAANZ conference registration (student rate) and costs incurred in relation to travel and accommodation for the award recipient to present their research findings at the SMAANZ conference in the year in which the award is won. SMAANZ reserves the right to make more than one award or not to make an award in any year of the program.

  • An applicant’s research must be in the area of sport management.
  • Eligibility is open irrespective of gender, age, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin.
  • An applicant must be currently enrolled or have completed an honours,  masters or doctoral (e.g., PhD, EdD, DBA or equivalent) degree program by research or by coursework with a research component equivalent to at least 50% of the program in an Australian or New Zealand University or Institute of Technology (New Zealand).
  • If completed, the award of the degree must be no more than one year prior to the award closing date.
  • Applications are limited to those who were not employed (full-time) in a teaching and/or research-related position at a university for the majority of their postgraduate studies. If an applicant was employed at a university during their PhD enrollment, details of this employment should be provided in the application.
  • An applicant must not have previously received the award.
  • The successful applicant must present the findings of their research at the annual SMAANZ conference to be held  in the year of the award being granted. Failure to adhere to this condition will result in the financial component of the award being forfeited.
  • The successful applicant is also expected to prepare a summary article about their research for the SMAANZ Newsletter or associated communication. They may be invited to submit a manuscript to the Sport Management Review to be reviewed for possible publication after the usual blind peer review process.

Award Timeline and Submission

  • Applications must be submitted electronically as one document in PDF format (including attachments) to the Chair of the SMAANZ Student Research Award Committee.

Application Procedure

Applicants are required to submit a maximum 1500-word Executive Summary and a maximum 500 word abstract of their completed or near completed research project which includes an outline of:

  • The purpose of the research.
  • Theoretical background and significance of the research.
  • The research method(s).
  • Key findings and conclusions or those anticipated.
  • The (anticipated) contribution of the research to the sport management field.
  • Key references only must be in APA format.

Additionally, applicants need to provide:

  • A brief statement from the primary thesis supervisor direct to the SRA program chair (e-mail message OK) endorsing the application. This message should also confirm:
    • if an Honours or Masters program the research component of the student’s program is at least 50% of their degree and a statement about the credit point value of thesis relative to the degree program, and
    • that the student has met or is likely to meet all requirements to graduate with their degree.
  • A cover page must detail the name, institution, e-mail and phone contact details of the student, name(s) of their supervisor(s), the title of the project and the name of research-based degree program in which the research project was or is being completed.

Criteria / Judging

A panel of three SMAANZ members will assess each of the applications. Membership of the panel will be the SRA program chair (appointed from time to time by the SMAANZ Board), and one senior academic and one ECR, appointed by the Board via recommendation from the SRA program chair, who are current SMAANZ members, with due regard for gender and regional balance. Panel members must declare whether they may have a conflict of interest (e.g., supervising an applicant’s thesis) and may be required to absent themselves from the judging and selection process. Applications will be judged against the criteria listed below, taking into account whether the research is at honours, masters or doctoral degree level:

  • Purpose: Is the research topic, question or problem clearly defined and conceptualised?
  • Theoretical basis: Is there a sound and appropriate theoretical basis for the research?
  • Significance of research topic or problem: Does the topic enhance the application of management or related theory to the sports context (in Australia and/or New Zealand)?
  • Methods: Is the method appropriate to the research question, problem or aims?
  • Contribution of the research: What are the (likely) key findings of the research and what is the (likely) contribution of the research to the sport management body of knowledge?
  • Overall: What is the overall quality of the Executive Summary/application?
  • No feedback or comments shall be given to the applicants.