The SMAANZ Mentor Program is designed to promote scholarly enquiry, teaching expertise and leadership in the sport management profession and assists SMAANZ members in their academic career development through the provision of a formal mentoring relationship.

To apply to be a SMAANZ mentor/mentee you must be a SMAANZ member.



To promote scholarly enquiry, teaching expertise and leadership in the sport management profession and assist SMAANZ members in their academic career development through the provision of a formal mentor relationship.


Types of Mentorships on offer

  1. Mentors for early career academics

To assist early career academics in career development, networking, teaching, research and industry contacts

Mentor: A mid-career or an experienced academic


2. Mentors for mid-career academics

To guide mid-career academics in their pursuit to become experts in their research and teaching field

Mentor: An experienced academic.


3.Mentors for experienced academics

To assist experienced academics in their pursuit to advance their technology skills and expand their global networks

Mentor: Early career, mid-career or experience academics


Outcomes for Mentors and Mentees

Effective mentoring proves an increase in confidence, productivity and success of the mentee while also enhancing career satisfaction to Mentors and Mentees (Straus & Sacket, 2014). In addition the program:

  • Provides an opportunity for critical reflection
  • Gains clarity around academic career paths and career planning
  • Improves personal effectiveness by increasing self-awareness, communication skills and confidence
  • Improves the management of relationships, accessing new networks and developing future collaborations
  • Gains greater insight into university operations, culture and structure
  • Increases job satisfaction

Guidelines for Mentoring relationships

  • The mentor and mentee will be matched based on a potential fit to their needs (Mentee) and expertise (Mentor), taking into consideration skills, knowledge areas, career experience, personality, and mentoring requirements
  • The Mentee drives the mentoring agenda
  • The Mentor provides guidance and feedback to help the Mentee achieve their goals
  • Mentoring is supportive, with the relationship built on trust and mutual respect
  • The mentoring relationship is private and confidential, and not subject to evaluation
  • Involvement in the mentoring program is voluntary


The application process to be a Mentor and/or a Mentee

  • Complete an Expression of Interest form to be a Mentor or a Mentee – See below for EOI Forms.
  • Mentors will need to select the mentor program they are applying for:
    • Mentors for early career academics
    • Mentors for mid-career academics
    • Mentors for experienced academics
  • Mentees will need to indicate their academic level to determine a suitable mentor:
    • Early Career Academic
    • Mid-Career Academic
    • Experienced Academic
  • SMAANZ members can complete both forms if they want to be a Mentor and a Mentee
  • The form is submitted electronically, or sent by email to Lisa Gowthorp (
  • Expressions of interest can be received at any time however, Mentor and Mentee matches will be established on February 1 and August 1.
  • A SMAANZ mentor program committee will carefully match Mentors to meet the needs of the Mentees.
  • Mentors and Mentees will be notified of their match by the SMAANZ Mentor Program Chair, and once contact details are exchanged the Mentor and Mentee can commence their relationship. 

The Mentoring relationship

  • Once a Mentor and Mentee are matched, they are responsible for driving the relationship
  • The Mentor and Mentee will establish expectations, goals, and the ground rule to their mentoring relationship
  • The Mentor and Mentee will determine their form of communication and day/time/frequency of the mentoring relationship
  • The Mentee will facilitate and drive the majority of the content for discussion
  • It is expected a mentoring relationship will be a one or two year commitment