The SMAANZ HDR Hour series aims to provide an opportunity for our SMAANZ community to collaborate and feel a sense of inclusion. The online series is open to everyone and is free to attend! Whilst it is focused on HDR students (similar to our mid-year HDR program), we encourage all levels of the SMAANZ community to be involved in order for this to be a success.

The SMAANZ HDR Hour Series 2, will include four sessions and run fortnightly from Friday 17th July to Friday 28 August. We have taken our community feedback into account and made a number of small changes to the format of series 2

Upcoming Sessions

  • Grant Writing Workshop – Friday 14th August, 2 pm.
Our grant writing workshop will be presented as a 60-minute session featuring questions & answers and an interactive workshop with the panel. The workshop will aim to focus on the following topics:
  • Why are grants important?
  • First involvement in grants
  • Grant failure
  • What not to do
  • Executing and reporting to partners
  • Workshopping an example topic
 We are thrilled to announce our experienced panel as:
    • A/Professor Adam Karg (Swinburne University) – Facilitator
    • Professor Emma Sherry (Swinburne University)
    • Professor Tracy Taylor (RMIT)
    • Professor Heath McDonald (RMIT)


  • Friday 28th August 2020 – TBC
    • “Sports policies leading to successful elite athlete career transitions” – Dane Norton (Deakin University)
    • Industry Research: How to make your project attractive and palatable for industry (Panel TBC)

Past Sessions

  • Friday 17th July 2020 
    • Journal Reviewing Workshop: What does it mean to be a reviewer? How do you review journal articles? Addressing journal reviews and responding to feedback. This will be presented as an informal panel discussion and allow questions to be submitted pre-session and during the session from our SMAANZ community. We are thrilled to announce our panel as the following special guests; Dr. Sheranne Fairley, A/Prof. Kevin Filo and Prof. Alison Doherty.
      • You can view the video recording of the session here
  • Friday 31st July 2020
    • Implementation of para-elite sports policies: How inter-dependencies and organizational learnings shape processes of policy implementation”Carlos Eugenio Zardini Filho (Griffith University)
    • We have been thinking about…”: What role do fans play in sport? Discussing the concept of how fans demonstrate they are real, in an environment where fans are unable to attend matches and are consuming different kinds of broadcasts that actively address their absence. This will be presented as an informal “fly on the wall” interactive discussion and allow questions to be submitted during the session from our SMAANZ community. We are thrilled to announce our panel as the following special guests; Dr Kasey Symons and Dr Michael Naraine
    • You can view the video recording of the session here

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We will be utilising HopIn for SMAANZ HDR Hour. Please note we are trialling this system for the upcoming SMAANZ Week 2020 and would  love to hear you feedback regarding your experience. Please feel free to tweet using the #SMAANZHDRHour or contact Sarah with the information below.

How to join SMAANZ HDR Hour on HopIn (PDF Instructions)

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Did you miss the SMAANZ HDR Hour Series 1? See what some of the participants had to say about the series:

  • “The sessions ran very smoothly and were easily accessible. I think the mix consisting of individuals with years of experience (e.g., professors) in contrast to individuals at the beginning of their journey (e.g., PhD Candidates) was also great”
  • “Thank you so much for putting this initiative together. I was encouraged to apply for the membership as I saw great value on being able to engage on the was fantastic!”
  • “I enjoyed the short presentations giving the opportunity for different presenters, the fact that is one hour, the willingness of some participants to have their cam on (so I could put faces on the names I’ve read or who were recommended to me), the presence of some well-established researchers in the meeting”
  • “I was inspired to attend the event to know more about SMAANZ, networking, see what people have been doing research on, different methodologies and similar academic aspects”